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Our Specialized Program

Our distinctive graduate-level program provides both practical new media skills and the leadership expertise needed by successful professional communicators. Our master’s program is new, but it has been built on years of online education experience. Learn more about how it fills the unique needs of working professionals.

Background/Brief History

The MATC builds on the success of the School’s Certificate in Technology and Communication program, which has been offering quality online courses for over a decade. The school imagined the Certificate as a way to re-educate communications professionals whose careers, professional practices and industries were being disrupted by web technologies.

In 2008, the School received a grant from UNC General Administration to explore expanding the Certificate into a master’s degree. The School conducted a comprehensive market research study to measure interest in a master’s degree focusing on digital media applications and theories. A Web survey and interviews confirmed extraordinarily high interest in the proposed degree. School faculty and administrators spent two years developing the all-new MATC curriculum, while vetting it with a variety of interested parties and industry professionals, to ensure the degree’s relevance in an ever-changing media landscape.