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Our Innovative Curriculum

The MATC’s nine courses address subjects that are vital to digital media, journalism, design, and strategic communication. Courses build on one another as students progress through the program as a group, providing a solid foundation of both practical and theoretical skills needed to succeed in the changing communication landscape.

Non-Traditional Thesis (Final Project)

After completing coursework and a final examination, student work in the MATC culminates with enrollment in MEJO 992: Non-Traditional Thesis, a three-part final project that includes:

  1. a written proposal for the final project.
  2. a written document that summarizes the final project.
  3. a formal presentation and oral examination in which the student presents the completed work to his or her committee.

The final project involves a study around an issue or challenge facing an organization or business with a digital media focus. It emphasizes both scholarly and practical application in line with the professional orientation of the MATC. The subject of the project may be the student’s employer.

Students complete the final project under the direction of a full-time School of Media and Journalism faculty member, who serves as chairperson of the student’s final project committee. Two additional faculty members and/or industry professionals join the chairperson on the committee.